An IƱupiat Corporation

NANA is a for-profit corporation with a social responsibility. It is a shareholder-managed corporation guided by a Board of Directors and a skilled senior management team.

NANA Regional Corporation’s 23-member Board is elected by the Corporation’s more than 14,000 Iñupiat shareholders. The board structure consists of two Iñupiat shareholder board members from each NANA regional community (with the exception of Kotzebue with one board seat), two at-large seats and an Elder Advisor. This board composition ensures that every decision and board action benefits NANA shareholders.

The NANA Regional Corporation, Inc. Senior Management Team, led by Wayne Westlake, defines the corporate strategy that is consistent with board goals and will ensure the protection of NANA lands, the responsible development of its resources and the creation of economic opportunities for shareholders.

Senior Management Team

Board of Directors