Allen Ticket Sr.
Suqqalik Allen Ticket Sr.
Director, Selawik

Suqqalik Allen Ticket Sr. has served as a NANA Regional Corporation, Inc. (NANA), board director for Selawik, Alaska, for multiple terms spanning more than two decades.

Ticket is the former mayor of the City of Selawik and served as chairman of the Selawik Tribal Council.

In addition to his board duties, Ticket works as a NANA trespass officer as part of the Trespass Program to protect NANA Lands. He also serves as a member of the Selawik Planning Committee and the Selawik Search and Rescue Team.

Ticket also serves on the board of directors for NANA Development Corporation (NDC), NANA’s wholly-owned subsidiary.


Board Committee Assignments

Shareholder Relations, Land and Natural Resources (Chairman), and Kotzebue Properties, Inc. (KPI)(Vice Chairman).

NANA Subsidiary Business Boards

NANA Development Corporation (NDC) (Secretary); WHPacific (Director); WHPacific Diversity Northwest (Director); Tuuq Drilling, LLC (Vice Chairman); NANA Oilfield Services, Inc. (Director); and Arctic Caribou Inn, LTD. (Chairman).