Bonita Barr
Qanialaaq Bonita Barr
Director, Deering

Qanialaaq Bonita Barr has served as the NANA Regional Corporation, Inc. (NANA), board director for Deering, Alaska, since 2014.

Barr is the former vice president of the Deering Tribal Council and was a council member for the City of Deering.

In addition to her board duties, Barr works as a transportation coordinator for the Native Village of Deering and is an active member of the Deering Search and Rescue and Volunteer Fire Department.

Barr also serves on the board of directors for NANA Development Corporation (NDC), NANA’s wholly-owned subsidiary.

Board Committee Assignments

Budget & Audit Committee, Land & Natural Resources Committee and Article VIII - 1

NANA Subsidiary Business Boards