Ely Cyrus
Utuktauraq Ely Cyrus
Director, Kiana

Utuktauraq Ely Cyrus is the NANA Regional Corporation, Inc. (NANA), director from Kiana and was elected to the board in 2014.

In addition to his duties at NANA, Cyrus serves on the Kiana Traditional Council and sits on the Kiana Wellness Committee. He is Lead Tribal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) caseworker for Maniilaq Association and sits on the Maniilaq Social Services Committee.

Cyrus previously served as vice mayor for the City of Kiana, president for the Kiana Traditional Council, and as a member of the Borough Public Safety Commission. 

Cyrus also serves on the board of directors for NANA Development Corporation (NDC), NANA’s wholly owned subsidiary.

Board Committee Assignments

Budget, Audit and Finance (BAF), Red Dog Mine, and Kiana/Noorvik/Selawik Land Committee (Vice Chairman).

NANA Subsidiary Business Boards

NANA Development Corporation (NDC) (Chairman); Akima Construction Services, LLC (Director); Akima Facilities Management, LLC (Director); Akima Logistics Services, LLC (Director); Akima Technical Solutions, LLC (Director); Akima Infrastructure Services, LLC (Director); Akima, LLC (Director); Cazador, LLC (Director); Ki, LLC (Director); Kisaq, LLC (Director); Nakuuruq Solutions, LLC (Director); Arctic Caribou Inn, Ltd. (Director); Pegasus Aviation Services, LLC (Director); Portico Serves, LLC (Director); SAVA Workforce Solutions, LLC (Director); NANA Management Services (NMS), LLC (Director); NANA Pacific, LLC (Chairman); NANA WorleyParsons, LLC (Director); Tuuq Drilling, LLC (Secretary/Treasurer); WHPacific Diversity Northwest , LLC (Director); Wolverine Services, LLC (Director); NANA Australia (Director); and WHPacific, Inc (Treasurer).