Our Culture

NANA is a for-profit corporation with a social responsibility. 

The roots of today’s modern Iñupiat people stretch back thousands of years to people living along the coast (who subsisted primarily on sea mammals) and to those living inland (who depended on caribou). Throughout many generations cultural values developed that were, in large part, sculpted by the unforgiving climate of the Arctic. These values continue to serve both the physical and spiritual needs of the Iñupiat today.

New life was breathed into these cultural values during the "Spirit Movement," when they were identified by the Elders and codified under the Iñupiat Ilitqusiat program supported by NANA Regional Corporation, Inc. The name means “Iñupiat Spirit,” or “those things that make us who we are.”

The Spirit Movement is firmly rooted in the history of the region. The Iñupiat know the land is their home and the movement formalized the deep spiritual connection they have to the land and all it provides.