Land Management

Managing NANA lands for use and appreciation by current and future shareholders is the most important responsibility of the NANA Lands Department.

The Lands Department manages all corporate owned lands within the region. This includes all lands within village boundaries that have not been transferred to the local municipal governments or other entities pursuant to Section 14 (c) of ANCSA.

The Lands Department is responsible for land use permitting, ANCSA conveyances, and access issues on NANA lands, including the operation of the Trespass Program and approval of guests, media, and travelers.

Four NANA Board of Directors Land Committees, formed under Article 8 of the NANA bylaws, are charged with land management authority and are staffed by the Lands and Regional Affairs Department. Each member is drawn from the NANA Board of Directors. These committees are:

  • Buckland and Deering Committee
  • Kivalina and Noatak Committee
  • Ambler, Kobuk and Shungnak Committee
  • Kiana, Noorvik and Selawik Committee


Use Policies