Visiting NANA Lands

Visitors to NANA Lands are expected to comply with all rules, regulations and usage policies that pertain to them. Because the land is privately-owned, it is important to know what is and is not allowed, and what use purposes require a Lands Department-issued permit. Violators of appropriate policies, permitting and procedures may be subject to civil or criminal penalties.

Enjoy the lands, respect the rules.

Non-shareholder rules

A few important Lands Department policies non-shareholders should be aware of:

  • Guided and other sports hunting on NANA lands is prohibited.
  • Hunting with the use of an aircraft is forbidden on NANA lands.
  • NANA and all persons and entities conducting business in the region, and especially on NANA land, should become familiar with, and observe all applicable laws (such as local option laws regarding drugs and alcohol).

All non-shareholders must contact the NANA Lands Department in Kotzebue for information on allowable land usage. Non-shareholder personal use activities requiring permits include - Cutting of wood for fires, house logs and lumber; Trapping; Campsites; Agriculture; Scientific and Archaeological Studies. Media wishing to work on NANA Lands are required to contact NANA Regional Corporation, Inc.'s Corporate Communications Department.

NANA posts warnings about private lands, monitors airstrips and conducts boat and air patrols. NANA will take legal action against trespassing violations on NANA lands.