Land Conveyances

Section 14(a): Acreage entitlements for village, corporations based on original shareholder enrollment:

25-99 shareholders 69,120 acres (3 townships)
100-199 shareholders 92,160 acres (4 townships)
200-399 shareholders 115,200 acres (5 townships)
400-599 shareholders 138,240 acres (6 townships)
600+ shareholders 161,280 acres (7 townships)

Section 14(c): Lands (surface estate only) to be reconveyed by the village corporation as follows:

Section 14(c)(1): Land occupied as of December 18, 1971 as a primary place of residence, primary place of business, reindeer husbandry headquarters site, and subsistence campsite.

Section 14(c)(2): Land occupied as of December 18, 1971 by a non-profit organization.

Section 14(c)(3): Land to be conveyed to the municipal government or the state in trust for a future municipal government. Improved lands on which the village is located and lands for future community needs and expansion.

Originally to be a minimum of 1,280 acres, but amended by ANILCA to be less if agreed to in writing by the corporation and municipality or state in trust.

Section 14(c)(4): Conveyance of airports in existence as of December 18, 1971 to the federal, state, or local government.

In the NANA region 4 communities (Deering, Kobuk, Noorvik, and Shungnak) have completed the 14(c) selection and re-conveyance process. Completion of the process is important to clear up land title issues and allow the communities to better manage their own public and private land in-holdings within municipalities.

Section 14(h)(1): Conveyance to regional corporations of fee title to existing cemetery sites and historical places.

Section 14(h)(8): Remainder of acreage withdrawn under Section 14(h) allocated to all regional corporations on the basis of population.