Land Selections

Section 12(a): Original village corporation selections from lands withdrawn under Section 11(a). Selection of core township(s) mandatory. Maximum of 69,120 acres (3 townships) of 11(a)(2) lands and 69,120 acres in refuges established prior to ANCSA. Regional corporation does not obtain subsurface in refuges established prior to ANCSA. Selections must generally be in whole sections (640 acres), compact and contiguous, and where possible not less than 1,280 acres.

Section 12(b): Second round of village corporation selections. Lands allocated to regional corporations on basis of number of shareholders. Regional corporation reallocates to village corporations on basis of historic use, subsistence and population.

Section 12(c): Regional corporation selections. Entitlement based on size of each region and the lands available after village selections. Lands selected from 11(a)(1) and 11(a)(3) withdrawals. Selections of 11(a)(1) lands must be in even-even or odd-odd townships.