Sustainable Future

The future is just as important to NANA as our peoples’ ten thousand years of history. Today, NANA works to create a bright, sustainable tomorrow, full of opportunity and hope – economically, socially and culturally.

Through building businesses and smart development of our resources, NANA strives to grow the region’s economic roots. This means creating jobs, exploring innovative ways to stabilize energy costs, making economic development grants, assisting with training programs, and much more. To bolster the region’s cultural life, NANA has supported projects such as creation of Iñupiaq language learning materials with Rosetta Stone, and providing longtime and ongoing support to Camp Sivunniigvik, through the Aqqaluk Trust. With a commitment to help build community centers throughout the region, and a deep and abiding concern for shareholders, NANA is dedicated to the social health of the region.

Together, we will keep our culture strong, NANA shareholders well and the region thriving.

We have developed a Strategic Energy Plan, designed to guide us to use our resources wisely and to help us make our goal of reducing the region's dependence on fossil fuels by 50 percent by 2025.