Northwest Alaska has always been on the cutting edge of harnessing the power of wind. Since 1997, wind turbines have supplemented power in Kotzebue, Alaska, the NANA region's hub village. The first three turbines were commissioned that year, with the last seven commissioned in 1999.

Current Wind Projects in the NANA Region

NANA subsidiary company, WHPacific, Inc., is under contract with Kotzebue Electric Association (KEA) to install two large turbines to expand the power of Kotzebue's Wind Farm. In Noatak, instruments have been installed to monitor for both wind and solar potential. Through a partnership with the State of Alaska Energy Authority (AEA), WHPacific is conducting final assessments for wind power in the NANA villages of Buckland and Deering. At Red Dog Mine, meteorological towers (MET) are already in place, with three different sites monitoring for wind at the mine.

The NANA Regional Corporation Wind Resource Assessment Project (WRAP): 2008-2010 Final Report is available for download.