Precious Metals

Silver is associated with the shale hosted Zn-Pb deposits (e.g. Red Dog) and the volcanogenic Cu-Zn-Pb deposits (e.g. Arctic) in minor amounts.  Two platinum group metal occurrences are located in the area at Asik Mountain and Rabbit Creek. These are lower tier priority prospects, but worthy of mention.

The most significant precious metal in the region is gold from placer production from the Candle area and the Inmachuck River on the Seward Peninsula. Additional minor production came from Klery Creek near Kiana and, to a lesser extent, in the Cosmos Hills near Kobuk.

Excellent lode gold potential exists in the Candle area. Over 500,000 ounces of placer gold have been produced from this region and little lode exploration has been conducted. The placer gold deposits represent the product of weathering and erosion of a bedrock (lode) source.