Partnership of the Red Dog project formally began in 1982, with the signing of an agreement between NANA Regional Corporation, Inc. (NANA) and Cominco Ltd. (now Teck Resources Limited), a Canadian mining company with considerable experience working in the Arctic. The agreement was a progressive and visionary covenant, based on a cooperative long-term partnership that continues to strengthen and evolve.

The mining operation is based upon a unique development and lease agreement whereby Teck is the mine operator and NANA is the land owner.

The mandate of this agreement articulated that the mine:

  • Protect subsistence and the Inupiaq way of life;
  • Create lasting jobs for NANA shareholders;
  • Provide opportunities for NANA’s youth; and
  • Act as a catalyst for regional economic benefits

Over the years, Red Dog has injected a billion dollars in the NANA Region. This economic foundation supports jobs, education and advancement opportunities and a revenue stream for local government that is allowing our corner of Alaska to become more self-reliant.

The mine continues to successfully develop and integrate a local workforce — NANA shareholders make up approximately 54 percent of the mine’s workforce.