Regional Benefits of Red Dog Mine

Red Dog Mine is to the NANA region what the North Slope is to Alaska. Its economic contribution is simply that significant.

Northwest Arctic Borough

In 2012, Red Dog Mine paid approximately $13 million as Payment in Lieu of Taxes  (PILT) to the Northwest Arctic Borough. These funds are vital to the borough and make a significant contribution to the region by financing education, essential services, and construction priorities. Over the years, the PILT payments have helped finance approximately $75 million in general obligation bonds for school renovation and construction. Five new schools have been constructed in Northwest Alaska through these bonds.


Red Dog Mine creates family-supporting jobs for Alaskans. The positive impact of employment at the mine is felt keenly in the region. In 2014, approximately 54 percent of the mine's employees were NANA shareholders. This is significant as it fulfills one of the mandates of mine development.  Wages earned at the mine move through the region, buoying the local economy and creating economic opportunities for local businesses, vendors and artisans.

Benefits of Red Dog Mine to Northwest Alaska

  • $1.9 billion estimated economic impact on the region and Alaska (1990-2009)
  • Full-time family-supporting jobs for the local and regional economy
  • $37.8 million in total NANA shareholder earnings from Red Dog Mine (2014)
  • 54 percent of Red Dog employees are NANA shareholders (2014)
  • More than 600 shareholders employed at Red Dog Mine (2014)