Resources FAQ

What resources are on NANA Regional Corporation land?

NANA lands stretch for 38,000 miles, in Northwest Alaska, with a variety of natural resources, ranging from and oil, gas and coal potential, to the plants and animals integral to the subsistence way of life.

Red Dog Mine is in development, and there are exploration partnership opportunities in other natural resources.

Who owns the resources on NANA land?

NANA is a privately owned corporation, held by more than 13,800 shareholders, so NANA-owned land is private, both above the surface and below.

Who do I contact if I’m interested in helping develop resources on NANA lands?

Please contact the NANA Regional Corporation,Inc. (NANA) Natural Resource Department. We welcome inquiries at

Can I go hunting on NANA land?

Please view the Lands Department FAQ and policies for information about hunting, fishing and camping on NANA land. There are also policies posted about mining and other land uses.

I’ve heard a lot about the rural energy crisis. What is NANA doing to alleviate that problem for the region?

A Strategic Energy Plan, developed with other regional partners, outlines how the NANA region is proactively working toward reducing the negative impacts and high cost of the region's reliance on fossil fuels. From exploring and developing renewable energy opportunities to collaborating on programs and projects to increase energy efficiency in community and residential buildings, NANA is engaged in combating the rural energy crisis.