Shareholder FAQ

How can I contact the Shareholder Relations/Records Department?

NANA Shareholder Relations

PO Box 49
Kotzebue, Alaska 99752
(907) 442-3301 or 1 (800) 478-3301

How many shareholders does NANA have?

NANA originally enrolled 4,761 shareholders. Once provisions permitted it, shareholders voted to extend stock ownership to those born after December 18, 1971. Today NANA has more than 14,300 shareholders.

Can NANA shares be sold?

Shares in NANA are not allowed to be sold or traded, based on the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) amendments passed in 1988. There is no publicly traded stock, and any ANCSA shares are not legally allowed to be sold. Class A, B and C stock can be inherited and gifted.

What types of cultural and social services does NANA provide its shareholders?

See Shareholder Services.

In 2017, NANA contributed more than $838,000 to the Aqqaluk Trust. The Aqqaluk Trust, in turn, awarded $758,628 in scholarships to 330 NANA shareholders, dependents and descendants.

How can I get a Village Economic Development grant?

To learn more about NANA's Village Economic Development (VED) program you can explore our VED section on this site. 

I am a shareholder. Can NANA help me find a job?

NANA works hard to help shareholders find employment. Start here if you are a shareholder looking for employment opportunities.

Does NANA help shareholders with funding for education or training?

NANA helps shareholders connect with those who can help them find funding for education and training opportunities. Please contact your local shareholder relations coordinator by emailing or calling toll free (800) 478-3301.

Where can I find forms, like the Change of Address form, for NANA shareholders?

Many shareholder forms are located in the Forms section of this Web site.

I am a shareholder and I have questions about my records and help filling out some of my NANA forms. What can I do?

NANA shareholders can always call the Shareholder Records department at 907-442-3301 or 1 (800) 478-3301 or email for help.