Social and Cultural Programs

NANA supports a wide array of social and cultural programs of importance to shareholders. These programs function to ensure our children and grandchildren will learn our ways, and provide an opportunity to educate the world about the strength, beauty, adaptability and perseverance of the Iñupiat.

Camp Sivunniigvik

Through the Aqqaluk Trust, NANA provides approximately $200,000 annually for costs associated with Camp Sivunniigvik, a traditional cultural summer camp for NANA shareholders. Children and Elders come together at the camp to learn and share the skills of hunting, fishing and gathering that are essential for a subsistence lifestyle. The camp is also used in the winter for educational and Elders programs.

Shareholder Relations Coordinator

NANA employs Shareholder Relations Coordinators in the 10 NANA villages, Fairbanks and Anchorage, outside of our headquarters in Kotzebue. Shareholder Relations Coordinators serve as liaisons between the communities and the organizations that serve residents. The program provides general, tailored assistance to each resident as required; this can entail anything from assistance in filling out job applications and preparing resumes to filling out government forms or coordinating funeral assistance.

Disaster, Medical and Burial Assistance

NANA assists shareholders and village communities cope with family emergencies, natural disasters and rescue operations. Applications for individual assistance are available online.

Regional Elders Programs

Through the Aqqaluk Trust, NANA provides support for the Regional Elders Programs - providing funds for meetings and travel so that our regional Elders may meet on a regular basis to discuss issues and provide guidance to NANA and other regional organizations.

Language Efforts

In an effort to revitalize the Iñupiaq language, the Aqqaluk Trust formed the Iñupiaq Language Commission (ILC) several years ago. In partnership with Rosetta Stone, ILC developed the Coastal and Kobuk Iñupiaq language CD-ROMs to teach and maintain the Iñupiaq language for future generations.

Non-Profit Support

NANA's funding for non-profit organizations that benefit NANA shareholders totaled $1.5 million in 2017. Supported programs include the Boys and Girls Club, state basketball tournaments, the Inuit Circumpolar Council, contributions to local tribal governments, and contributions to the Alaska Technical Center for shareholder vocational education.