Village Economic Development

In May 2008, the Village Economic Development Committee (VEDC) was formed by unanimous consent of the Board of Directors. With a mission of partnering to achieve sustainable village economies, the committee envisions a thriving, economically viable region, and sets out to discover new savings and growth opportunities. This mission, and this vision, have guided the department’s activities within the region, and in its outreach with state and national elected officials and agencies.

Under the VEDC program, each village is eligible to apply for grants of up to $55,000 for energy efficiency projects. The key component of this program is choice. Each community chooses, for itself, how to strengthen its economy and how to use grant funds to build their link in the regional economic chain. Additionally, each community is eligible for a million dollar economic development grant.

Through regional collaboration, developing small businesses, reducing the cost of energy, helping local governments achieve goals, and coordinating infrastructure projects, NANA works to overcome the economic challenges that face the region and people.