Natural Resources


Natural Resources

NANA’s lands are rich with mineral resources and metal deposits. Responsible resource development provides a sustainable economic base for NANA and the region.

  • Red Dog Mine produces zinc and lead.
  • The Ambler Mining District contains deposits of copper, gold, lead, zinc, silver and cobalt.
  • The Upper Kobuk area includes Bornite, an under-explored copper deposit, and Arctic, one of the highest-grade copper deposits.

Red Dog Mine

Production at the Red Dog Mine started in 1989, under an innovative operating agreement between NANA, the land owner, and Teck Alaska, the mine operator. The mine was founded on the principles of consensus, cooperation and mutual respect.

Shareholder Employment

  • The mine is a leader in indigenous hire.
  • NANA’s investment in the mine has produced three generations of highly-skilled shareholder employees.
  • Since 1989, shareholders working at the mine have earned a combined $500 million.

Environmental Excellence

Red Dog Mine has more than 70 stringent permits, and an additional 40 work plans and agreements, which it must meet in order to protect the environment. Today, because of mine operations, Red Dog Creek discharge downstream of the mine is healthy and supports productive aquatic life, which was not present before due to the natural toxicity of the creek’s water.

Subsistence Protection

The Red Dog Mine subsistence committee, consisting of Elders and hunters from the villages of Noatak and Kivalina, meets regularly with Red Dog Mine representatives to review subsistence and environmental issues and provide guidance. To minimize possible effects on sea mammal hunts, shipping schedules are adjusted. To protect caribou herds, their migrations are monitored and haul road traffic is regulated. These are just a few examples of the group’s positive impact.

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Safety at NANA

Our goal: zero harm, zero injuries, whole families. We embrace practices that protect people, property and the environment, wherever we are.

Our commitment: continual improvement, openness and transparency of our Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) policy and procedures, and active engagement with our stakeholders.