Foods gathered from NANA lands sustain families nutritionally and spiritually—connecting people to each other, their ancestors, and to the environment.

Land Management

NANA manages its lands to protect subsistence activities that are critical to the lives of residents.

Functional responsibilities include: land use permitting, land conveyances under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA), and access issues.

Land Protection

Visitors to NANA lands are expected to comply with all rules, regulations, and usage policies. Policies for shareholders and non-shareholders may differ. Violations may be subject to civil or criminal penalties. NANA will take legal action against trespassing violations on NANA lands.

One way NANA protects our lands and resources is through the Trespass Program, which partners with other organizations that have similar roles and responsibilities to increase our reach.

Adjacent Land Owners

NANA’s land lies next to or adjacent to land owned by local, state or federal groups or agencies. Rules and regulations vary for each area.



U.S. National Park Service (

Northwest Arctic Borough (

Alaska Department of Natural Resources (

Maniilaq Realty Services program provides management assistance to restricted Native allotment and restricted town site lots owners and their heirs. (

NANA Gravel ( (Report a spill)





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